Sassy Delight Confections is the creation of Rebecca Jane Weiford of Canton, Ohio. Miss Weiford holds a Masters Degree in Biochemistry with a specialty in both toxicology and reproductive endocrinology. She has done clinical research for The Cleveland Clinic.


After early retirement, she needed to do something productive with the rest of her life and remembered the wonderful caramels her grandmother taught her to make. These enchanting caramels are made using her grandmother Smith’s recipe The flavor formulations are hers.


Our delightful depth of flavor is achieved using the finest natural ingredients on the market, including genuine rum, brandy, bourbon, and irish cream, and natural colors for our petal dust. Sassy Delight caramels have the rich satisfying taste only the real thing can impart with no artificial aftertaste or synthetic edge Our confections are silky smooth and caress the throat all the way down.

These caramels tantalize the taste buds, caress the throat and leave a lovely lingering aftertaste. They are the complete package, but what if you are a pregnant woman, an underage individual, the designated driver, or someone taking medication that should not be mixed with alcohol? Mixed drinks should be off your menu , but if you cannot have a drink you truly enjoy, you WANT one.


These caramels can satisfy that craving delightfully, safely and easily. Our caramel is held at the boiling point of alcohol until the alcohol boils off, leaving all of the taste with none of the side effects. .A hostess can serve these caramels as a night cap after dinner along with coffee and feel easy that her guests still have to drive home. We are truly proud of these glorious caramels, and hope you enjoy them.

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